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Join The New ACA Accessibility Special Interest Section

The ACA Accessibility Special Interest Section (ASIS) is now official and active!
This is the official call for members and a Secretary. Please join us!

Why this new section?
This section brings together ACA members who are responsible for, or have an interest in, making archives accessible for people with disabilities in both the physical and online environments. Our goals are to educate, share, encourage and collaborate. See more at:

Possible projects
Members will decide on our priority projects. Some projects already suggested are:

  • Contacting vendors (ie: ContentDM, DSpace, ICA, etc.) about their product's accessibility, and creating a report to share with ACA members, as well as archivists around the world.
  • Creating a survey to gauge the accessibility of Canadian archives, and what resources are needed by archivists to increase that accessibility.
  • Create and gather accessibility related resources and share them with ACA members.

Want to become Secretary?
The work required should be minimal. Contact me directly if interested.

Want to join as a member?
You must be a current member of ACA to join the Section.
Go to
Click 'Members Area'.
On the left side under 'My Coordinates', click 'Special Interests'.
Choose the 'Accessibility SIS' and click 'Save'.
Then go to
Click the 'SIS and Committees' tab.
Look for 'Accessibility SIS' and click 'Join'.
Click 'Join' on the next page, and a message should come up saying you have joined.
If you have any problems with this method, or have questions, please contact me directly.

Thanks to ACA!
Big thanks go to the ACA Executive Director and Board for helping me make this section a reality.

Come join us and help change the world!



Lisa Snider
Chair-ACA Accessibility Special Interest Section

Electronic Records Archivist
Harry Ransom Center
The University of Texas at Austin
P.O. Box 7219
Austin, Texas 78713-7219
P: 512-232-4616